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Shahreen Kamaluddin is an empowerment trainer, speaker and best-selling author of You Are What You Believe and Know Yourself – The Truth Will Set You Free.

Described as the “success guru” and “epitome of positive thinking”, Shahreen is carrying out her mission to share what she knows with others on how to discover their true potential and live their grandest dream. She offers training to the private and public sectors in Malaysia on the subjects of leadership, self-empowerment, personal development, public relations and communications.

She has worked with and addressed thousands of leaders, employees and individuals in the public and private sectors in Malaysia and South East Asia.

For the past 20 years, her training modules have focused on producing heart-centered, empowered, creative, productive and happy employees who are the driving force behind their organization’s success.

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Heart-to-heart Courses:

Leadership Training - Leadership from the Heart
Motivational Training - The Secret to Success
Communication Skills Training - Heart-to Heart Communications
Communication Skills Training - Speak from the Heart
Public Relations Training - Facing the Media
Exceptional Customer Service - Heart-to-heart Customer Excellence
Secretarial Excellence Training - A Touch of Class
Grooming Training – Grooming for Success

Public Relations Consulting Services include:

  • Corporate Image-building and Branding
  • Crisis and Issues Management
  • Media Relations
  • Stakeholder Management

One-on-one coaching services include:

  • Leadership from the Heart
  • Public speaking
  • Handling media conferences and interviews
  • Personal Grooming, Social/Business/Dining Etiquette


Know Yourself - The Truth Will Set You Free
This book invites you to take a journey inward to know yourself. When you realize that your deepest beliefs and fears create your experience, you will take responsibility for your negative patterns of thinking and behavior. From this deep self-awareness, you will begin to consciously create experiences you desire thus experiencing true freedom. This book shows you how to become self-aware, overcome your fears, remain detached from outcomes, improve relationships and experience inner peace and joy. From this inner confidence, composure and quiet self-assurance, you are guided to make decisions that support your goals.

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You Are What You Believe
In this book, you will learn that your most frequently entertained beliefs shape your reality and determine your experience. Your subconscious mind acts out your dominant thoughts, words and feelings. Thus, you can reprogram your mind for success and happiness by practicing creative visualization and frequently repeating positive affirmations to yourself. Positive thoughts, words and feelings help raise your vibrations which will magnetize to you everything your heart desires. There are positive affirmations for 50 different situations to help you improve your life.

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