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Leadership from the Heart 

Heart-centered leaders possess valuable intrinsic qualities of self-awareness combined with humaneness which they use to constantly monitor their actions to ensure they bring out the best in the people they lead. They know the way, go the way and show the way.

Leadership from the Heart is an empowering two-day program specially designed for top managers to take a step back and review the way in which they are managing themselves at work and how they are leading their team towards achieving common goals and best outcomes.


bullet A transformation of self and others. A leadership style that that encourages contribution, talent, productivity, inventive thinking, inclusive, generous and uplifting.
bullet Building a team spirit that is fuelled by passion, mutual respect, joy and awe at the unfolding of endless possibilities with which to achieve the tasks at hand while enriching relationships with one another.
bullet Sustaining a feeling of gratitude and appreciation
bullet Creating a life endowed with meaning, purpose and loving relationships.

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