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Facing The Media

Successful companies realize the crucial importance of communicating their company story to their valued publics. The more communicative and transparent a company is, the better rapport and goodwill it enjoys with its publics. Company spokespersons thus have the challenging task of presenting corporate information with accuracy and credibility bearing in mind corporate and industry disclosure guidelines.

Course Objectives

This one-day hands-on workshop is specially designed for company spokesmen

bulletTo provide them with an understanding of how the Media works, their objectives and expectations
bulletTo equip them with practical tools and techniques to help them deal effectively with the media in a variety
          of situations.
bulletTo enable them to handle with ease and confidence, one-on-one media interviews in situations specific to
          the company’s business environment. 
bulletTo guide them in ensuring that every media interview achieves the objectives intended.


bulletEach participant will have the opportunity to handle Q&A from the media.

bulletAll media interviews and media conferences will be videotaped and played back to participants for
          effective evaluation.

bulletEach participant will be given a copy of their performance on videotape to take home for further review and improvement.

Recommended One-on-One Coaching on a Specific Event Basis

After attending the Facing the Media program, Personal Empowerment offers one-on-one personalized coaching
on a specific event basis. Prior to a specific media event, trainers will prepare the individual on how to handle
the media. Every individual is unique, therefore personalized coaching is invaluable which include tailored solutions
 to suit individual communication styles, the message and the media at hand.

Our trainers will address issues such as confidence, charisma, pronunciation, intonation, body language, picking
up cues from the media, maintaining control and focus, diplomacy, political correctness and cultural sensitivities
specific to the media event at hand.                                        


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